IBM has announced the release of the LTO8 tape drive.

The LTO-8 cartridges are not yet available, but when they are, they will hold 12 TB raw capacity, or 30 TB effective capacity at 2.5-to-1 compression ratio. They will be introduced into their range of Autoloaders and Libraries.

We are still selling LTO1 drives but we also carry stock of IBM drives ranging from LTO1 – LTO6. TS3100 and TS3200 Autoloaders and drives are also available.

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With the recent announcement of the release of LTO8 we are just starting to see LTO7 tape drives come onto the second user market.

Hazell Computers are pleased to have a Dell / IBM LTO7 Internal SAS Drive available from stock for £1500 + VAT.  The Dell part number is 4M2FN.

Fully tested it is supplied with a 90 Day return to base warranty