C7975A HPE LTO5 Ultrium 3TB R/W Data Cartridge

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HP C7975A LTO5 1.5-3.0TB Data Cartridge – New and sealed. Bulk discounts available on purchasing these tapes and discounts can be applied for shipping too

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HPE LTO-5 Ultrium RW 1.5-3TB Backup Media Tape

HPE Ultrium tape technology has been designed to deliver exceptional reliability and performance at the lowest cost per GB. The Ultrium format builds on the best of existing technologies; open standards increase innovation and widen customer choice in terms of performance, capacity, and form factor. Backed by HPE’s exhaustive media qualification process, HPE Ultrium data cartridges support all HPE StorageWorks and non HPE Ultrium tape devices. Assuming 2:1 compression, the latest fourth Generation products minimize interruption to network and SAN backup by being capable of protecting 1TB/hour of data and storing up to 3.0 TB on one piece of media (almost double the capacity of HPE LTO-4 Ultrium tapes).


  • The data is written in a serpentine pattern; the tape reverses direction after each set of sixteen tracks is written.
  • LTO Ultrium formats are open standards.
  • This means that data written on any HPE StorageWorks LTO Ultrium tape drive for ProLiant servers, autoloaders, MSL, EML or ESL can be interchanged directly with Ultrium tape drives from other vendors.
  • Superior ‘smart grabber’ mechanism and mechanical interlock to prevent the leader pin from being pulled inside the tape housing (a key weakness of DLT media).
  • Sensors detect proper connection and prevent leader loss that would ruin the tape.
  • Simplified tape path to reduce wear and tear.
  • Very low media cost per GB.
  • LTO cartridge memory in media to improve access time and provide enhanced media monitoring.
  • Durable cartridge designed to minimize wear and debris (important in automation).
  • Tested to extremes in HPE’s media laboratory, to a level of specification unique to Hewlett-Packard.
  • Many of the test procedures required for HPE Brand qualification (e.g. load/unload, shoeshine, drop testing and environmental stress testing) are not required for the Ultrium logo.
  • HPE LTO-4 and LTO-5 Ultrium offers data encryption for enhanced data security.
  • HPE’s offers both labeled (Custom Labeled and Non-Custom Labeled) and non-labeled data cartridges.


  • Product Description – HPE Ultrium RW Data Cartridge LTO Ultrium x 1 – 1.5 TB – storage media
  • Manufacturer Warranty – Limited lifetime warranty
  • Features – Metal Particle (MP)
  • Type – Storage media – LTO Ultrium
  • Media Included Qty – 1
  • Native Capacity – 1.5 TB
  • Colour – Light blue
  • Compressed Capacity – 3 TB
  • Tape Length – 846 m
  • Tape Cartridge – Ultrium 5

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