C7973A HP LTO-3 Ultrium 800GB RW Data Cartridge

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HP C7973A LTO-3 Data Cartridge. Ultrium 800GB New and sealed

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Third generation HP Ultrium 800GB RW Data Cartridge offers the highest capacity and best cost per GB of any tape technology available, re-enforced by the HP Brand specification the industry’s most demanding media quality standard
Highest capacity and performance of any tape technology – 800 GB capacity and 160 MB/sec transfer rate
This increases the number of recording tracks from 512 for Ultrium 2, to 706 for third generation HP Increased margin between Early Warning End of Media (EWEOM) and End of Media (EOM), which means data on a full tape will fit on to the destination tape when copying tapes
Smoother base film and smaller magnetic particles increase bit density, allowing more data in the same amount of tape


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